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Your Canadian source for battery clock movements for your latest clock project available from

Craftime Clockery is a supplier of clock parts to all of Canada and the United States. Clock parts are used by many hobbyist and wood workers alike who enjoy building projects as a hobby.

Clock parts available from Craftime Clockery are high quality, not the off shore quality that is starting to become the norm. Most of our clock parts are made in USA or from the Black Forest in Germany.

Because of the high quality of our clock parts, they will last a long time, creating a very good return of investment compared to buying a slightly cheaper product initially and then ending up replacing after a year of so.

Next time you are in need of clock parts why not visit our site. You can even place your order for clock parts online and we will ship them right to your door, or if you like why not drop by for a visit and pick them up?

quartz clock movementQuartz clock parts are the finishing touch to your clock project. Quartz clock parts are what bring your clock to life, the timeless heritage that lasts a lifetime. Even better are high quality quartz clock parts, ones that will stand the true test of time.

Outfitting your clock case is one of the last and most important steps to finishing your clock project and ultimately the quality of your quartz clock parts are important to the overall aspect and lasting impression you will be hoping to leave on your friends and peers. It really would be a shame to take your carefullt crafted clock case, the one you laboured over for hours in your woodworking shop, only to finish it off sloppily using cheap clock parts that last less than a year at most, while at the same time, having a hollow, low quality sound to the chime!

Craftime Clockery provides only the best when it comes to quartz clock parts. This makes us a good choice for quality clock parts when finishing your clock case. Our staff will be willing to help you choose a quartz clock movement that will fit into your case as well as help you decide which of out huge selection of quartz clock chimes is most suitable for your application, Since we have so many to choose from this can be a huge task!

You may also visit our website to listen to our clock chimes online at our popular quartz clock chime comparison page

battery clock movementYour quality source for a battery clock movement is Craftime Clockery. Are you needing a battery clock movement to finish up your latest woodworking project, or did your old battery clock movement croak? And we are talking about quality battery clock movements made in the Black Forest in Germany….not these cheapy versions that are made “who knows where” and last less than a year!

Craftime Clockery as all the parts you need to get your clock back up and running in short order. Battery clock movements is only a small slice of what Craftime Clockery really does or has.

Craftime Clockery also stocks a large variety of other clock building accessories including clock dials and hands, pendulums and bobs, mini quarts movements, chiming quartz movements topped off with our expert staff.

If you are needing a battery clock movement head over to visit our site today. We would be happy to help you make the best decision on your next quartz clock movement!

Battery Clock Movements CanadaBattery clock movements in Canada are available from Craftime Clockery, a family run business that always puts the customer first. Unlike many battery clock movement suppliers who sell cheap quartz clock movements that are made off shore and of questionable quality, Craftime Clockery sells only high quality battery clock movements, most of which are made in North America, usually USA or from the Black Forest in Germany. If you need a high quality battery clock movement for your next clock building project or to replace a battery clock movement that no longer works, Craftime Clockery is your Canadian source for battery clock movements!

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Hello Everyone

So this is our first post on our new site and we are so excited.

What this blog is going to be is a site dedicated to everything that’s new and going on at Craftime Clockery. If you want you can head on over to our main site where we have clock building supplies to boot, clock hands, clock dials, clock movements, you name it! Its who we really are and we are hoping to keep everyone in the loop as far as what the latest new products are as well as hoping to post some tips about clock building and all that’s related to it.

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